New single “Forvm” out today!

“Let me paint a picture in tones of black and grey…”

Today, on May 5th, we celebrate Liberation Day in The Netherlands. A day that stands for a country liberated from fascism. But in The Netherlands, lots of countries in Europe and basically all over the world we see the rise of neo-fascism. Extreme right parties that claim they will defend our freedom or our democracy, often with those words in their names, probably won’t get the irony that they are paving the way for a society that looks horribly like the fascist societies we have seen in the past. Our new single, titletrack of the record and knuffelrock-styled powerballad “Forvm” is meant as a warning for a society that might be not that far from here. Can’t you hear them knocking? They’re on your doorstep.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
For non-spotifiers, this song is up on our bandcamp too.