Smash The Statues pull the plug

Nope, we’re not releasing an acoustic EP, we’re gonna quit. After more than 6 years of Smash The Statues, we’ll pull the plug. We’ve tried to get our individual input and ambitions to an equal level, but without succes. Although the decision was hard, it felt right to quit something beautiful instead of continuing something that you don’t feel like doing anymore. We still have some shows scheduled that we will still play, but in January 2010 we will play our final show in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Smash The Statues started in 2003 and through the years we released a 4 song demo and two full lengths, with the amazing help from Angry Youth Records and Shield Recordings. These records gave us the oppportunity to meet new people and go on tour to places we’d never imagined to go to. From Sweden to Poland, from the UK to Romania, from Italy to Ulft and everywhere in between. We are truly grateful for all the good things that happened to us as a band. We owe many thanks to our former members Gijs and Marloes, the people that put out our records: Peter & Irina Angry Youth and Gert-Jan & Fieke Shield. Because the list would get too long if we drop more names, we’d like to thank everyone that helped us out in any way, played our instruments, drove us, sold our merch, produced our records, attended our shows, bought or downloaded records and had a great time with us during the last 6 years. It’s been a blast!

Bert, Matthias, Nico and Tom