AnthemFest 1/3

Word is born. Word is out. We’re playing AnthemFest 1/3 on March 21st at World Skate Center in Den Bosch. This Fest will be a fundraiser for The Anthem Project, an initiative to capture the Dutch skatepunk/punkrockscene that has been around since the 90’s. Our soulmates in Antillectual will play, Coral Springs will play and Oh See Demons will play. Next few days more names will be dropped. Get your tickets soon, cause this banger is gonna be soul doubt.

New single “Forvm” out today!

“Let me paint a picture in tones of black and grey…”

Today, on May 5th, we celebrate Liberation Day in The Netherlands. A day that stands for a country liberated from fascism. But in The Netherlands, lots of countries in Europe and basically all over the world we see the rise of neo-fascism. Extreme right parties that claim they will defend our freedom or our democracy, often with those words in their names, probably won’t get the irony that they are paving the way for a society that looks horribly like the fascist societies we have seen in the past. Our new single, titletrack of the record and knuffelrock-styled powerballad “Forvm” is meant as a warning for a society that might be not that far from here. Can’t you hear them knocking? They’re on your doorstep.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
For non-spotifiers, this song is up on our bandcamp too.

Supportshows Strike Anywhere & Adhesive!

We’re horrible with updating this thing over here, but we’ve got 2 Utrecht shows coming up.  On April 25 we will be supporting Strike Anywhere and Petrol Girls at EKKO. On October 6 we will be supporting the godfathers of European political hardcore punk and true friends in Adhesive at De Helling. We are extremely stoked! Hopefully we’ll be able to announce more awesome shows soon!

Pretty decent show.

On July 31st, we’re playing a decent show with the following bands: Strike Anywhere, Antillectual, Such Gold. It is going to be a nice afternoon & evening of quality punkrock.

Bring out your dancing shoes, because this one is going to ROCK!

Hi there!

It’s been a while since we posted something on this website. If you never want to miss any news concerning Smash The Statues, be sure to follow us on and you will always be up to date. Or bothered with bad jokes. Next week there will be an awesome show announcement. But we will probably forget to post it here. But it will be on Facebook. So it will be true. Stay tuned. Or get tuned! #okdoei

Upcoming shows

Yesterday we played our first show in The Netherlands in almost one year, at the White Russian Records showcase at Dynamo in Eindhoven. We saw awesome sets by Call It Off, The Setup, The 101’s, Note To Amy, Dead Giveaway, Screw Houston and March. Unfortunately we weren’t able to catch all bands that were playing. We’ll be doing 2 more shows with labelbuddies Dead Giveaway and Screw Houston. We will play the annual “Claiming The Crown” in Breda with Screw Houston, Otis (last show!) and NØFX. We will also play at Jera On Air, The Netherlands’ biggest punkrock and hardcore festival. On the line-up are bands like Lagwagon, Millencolin, Strung Out, All Time Low, Terror, Caliban and also our friends in Dead Giveaway and Irish Handcuffs. Sounds good, right? Yippee ki-yay, motherlovers!

No Pasarán!

Since yesterday it is getting more clear in which political direction Europe is heading. Exactly 100 years after the first heavy clash on the continent out of nationalistic nonsense, we find our union getting more extremely nationalist by each passing election. I don’t want to point fingers, because in The Netherlands, the part of Europe where I live, bounded by dividing lines that don’t mean anything to me, we have been struggling the last 13 years with populist and neo-fascists movements that gain about 10 percent of the votes. But last night we saw an enormous rise of nationalist and fascist parties all over Europe. While countries like Belgium, Finland and the UK have winning nationalist parties that have already scary programs, we have seen lots of support for neo-fascists in Austria, Denmark, Hungary, The Netherlands and Sweden. But what scares me most is the support that a nazi party in Greece gets and a country like France, known for it’s syndicalist movement and people that are always prepared to strike, elect Front National as their biggest party. Where 25 percent of the people that have voted, voted for a party that is known for it’s xenophobia and anti-semitism.

Read more “No Pasarán!”

I hope we’ll have the time of our lives.

Exciting news! On Thursday the 12th of September we’ll be supporting Good Riddance at Melkweg, Amsterdam. From the start of Smash The Statues, Good Riddance has always been a major influence on us with their melodic hardcore punk and with the topics addressed in their lyrics. So yes, we’re super stoked to share the stage with them.

It means that our small weekend tour has gone from 3 shows to 5 shows in 4 days. Check out our shows section for the upcoming shows with Good Riddance, Venerea, This Routine Is Hell and many others. Hope to see you there!