A few days ago we came back back from tour. Played Denmark for the first time and played Norway and Sweden again after 11 years. We had great times, went to inspiring places and say amazing bands. Thanks to everyone that booked us a show, hosted us and gave us food. Special thanks go out to Stefan and No Fun At All, Eva, Henri at Destiny Tourbooking, Troels, Jan and Out Of Bounds, the people at Blitz, MyteriIllviljaDødsdømt, Afke & Espen, Fredrik, Sophia and Hannes at Sekten, Dolorifics, Jens from The Bowery Room, Micky and Uphill StruggleWayl and Peter Rosvik for making awesome photos in Oslo. See you all next time. Meanwhile, enjoy our new LP Forvm:

Picture by Peter Rosvik